Hottest Printed Curtain Trends for 2023

Published on Thursday, August 10th, 2023 08:36:54 AM

Hottest Printed Curtain Trends for 2023

Published on Thursday, August 10th, 2023 08:36:54 AM

Curtains are the perfect way to elevate your home decor and keep up with the latest trends. For 2023, creative and bold printed curtain designs are dominating the market. From retro prints to cottagecore gingham, here are the most popular and on-trend printed curtain styles this year. Read on to find eye-catching window treatments to give your space a stylish makeover!

Retro Vibes from Past Decades 

Mid-century atomic prints, 70s swirls and psychedelic geometric patterns bring back the retro flair of previous eras. These nostalgic yet fresh curtain prints sparked a revival of iconic home decor looks. Illustrated botanical motifs on linen, colorful concentric starburst shapes, and pop graphic prints recapture the retro charm of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Add spirited retro personality and playfulness to your living room or bedroom with these comeback designs. #retrohomedecor #70sstylecurtains

Geometric Prints Make a Statement

From triangles to concentric circles, geometric patterns on curtains introduce visual interest and modern flair. Crisp geometric prints in contrasting colors make for an eye-catching window treatment. Choose printed sheer curtains to soften the graphical shapes. Or pick cotton curtains with bold geometric motifs for a textured look. This on-trend curtain style adds artistic appeal and character to any room. #geometricprintcurtains #geometricpatterns

Nature-Inspired Botanical Designs

Floral blooms, leaves, branches—curtains featuring natural motifs bring the outdoors in. Subtle botanical designs, like light-colored sheer tulip curtains, confer an airy elegance. Vivid oversized floral in deeper tones can liven up a boring space. Leafy branch silhouettes and palm frond shapes add natural grace. These plant-based printed curtains can help create a relaxing, serene ambience. #floralprintcurtains #botanicalprint

Ethnic and Culture-Inspired Prints

From Native American designs to African mudcloth, curtains reflecting ethnic heritage and cultures are trending. Richly colored designs, symbolic motifs, and traditional weaving techniques distinguish these prints. An intricately patterned set of embroidered sheer curtains imparts exotic flair. Consider global influences to bring character to a room with meaningful designs.

New For 2023: Cottagecore Print Curtains 

The cottagecore trend is taking over home decor this year. Checked gingham, delicate florals, pastoral plaids, and calico prints on curtains reflect the vintage farmhouse cottagecore aesthetic. Natural, relaxed and nostalgic, these cute curtains add cozy farmhouse charm to any space. #cottagecore #farmhousedecor #ginghamcurtains


These eclectic printed curtains are set to be popular designs in 2023. From retro vibes to cottagecore gingham, geometric to floral prints, experiment with on-trend styles this year to add character to your space! When thoughtfully combined with other accents, printed curtains can be the transformative element that defines the theme of a room.