The bath towel is a towel breed. To cotton yarn as raw material. There are different colors, towels and bath towels woven wire categories. Pile height and density than the washcloth, pillow covers high and dense, water storage and warmth than other towels. After the brush is mainly used for bathing, naked, it is also used to cover the anti-body cool. Most people choose to select cotton towels that are easy to absorb water.​

The bath towel is used for drying the body when it is wet, such as after bathing or showering. It is typically rectangular, with a typical size around 30 in × 60 in (76 cm × 152 cm), and is made of terry cloth.
A beach towel is usually a little bit larger than a bath towel. Although it is often used for drying off after being in the water, its chief purpose is to provide a surface on which to lie. They are also worn for privacy while changing clothes in a public area, and for wiping the sand from the body or objects. Beach towels often have colorful patterns.
A foot towel is a small, rectangular towel which, in the absence of a rug, carpet or bathroom mat, is placed on the bathroom floor to stand on after finishing a shower or bath.
A hand towel is significantly smaller than a bath towel (perhaps 12 in × 24 in (30 cm × 61 cm)), and is used for drying the hands after washing them.